July 23, 2012


Well I've probably put this off for too long.  Brendan and I started Really Important Reviews in February 2009 on a whim, on a shitty little google-sites layout, bored out of our minds and eager to share our pre-teen opinions with the world. Owen hopped on in May, and we moved to official website format. Unable to maintain that, due to money problems and frustration with fairly basic html, we decided to make it into a blog, and the rest is history. Though we may not be fantastic writers, we've still grown a hell of a lot since we started out (see any review from 09/10), and I'm proud of what this blog has become over the years. We've gotten a handful of requests from various artists to review their stuff, which admittedly feels awesome, not to mention that Owen's "free swag stack" has grown to two cds! If anything, it's been an amazing experience.

We've decided though, that reviewing music just isn't fun anymore. It turned from "Yesss, can't wait to write about this!!", to "Oh shit, something else I have to write about. Alright, might as well." As far as 'Charlie Reviews' goes, I had high hopes for that as a series, but I honestly don't see it making a comeback either. I have a few ideas, but my dog is a pain in the ass to work with. He's no Air Bud, that's for sure.

However, Owen and I have thought about starting another blog. Unfortunately thesnackbowl.blogspot.com is taken (bastards), but we'll figure something out. Our hopes are that it'll be a less-serious, more eclectic blog, where we'll post anything and everything; short reviews, cool findings, funny pictures, interesting articles, lists (we do have a lot of fun with those), and even some of our own little tunes (Owen and I are working on our own musical projects). If Brendan joins too, it'll inevitably turn into exclusively cat pictures, but we'll manage. So I promise you that we'll start this project by the end of August, if not within the following weeks, so check back soon!

On a side-note, I have a RateYourMusic account, where I sometimes give short little reviews for albums, if you're at all interested.

Thank you for being, and stay awesome, k?

 Was that too weird of an ending? Oh whatever. Thank you for reading.