December 28, 2010

Thee Oh Sees - Warm Slime

The first three minutes of the title track/opener got my hopes very high up for the rest of the album. It starts with the peaceful sounds of birds chirping, then 'One, two, threeee four!' and it kicks off with loud reverb-filled guitar chords and tons of energy, something Thee Oh Sees are known for. It then continues on like this for about three minutes. Normally, the song would be fantastic if it had stopped there, but unfortunately they had to stretch it out and make it 10 minutes longer, a very boring and tedious 10 minutes. Luckily after that finishes, I Was Denied picks up the pace, with a comfortable song length and the classic, raw Oh Sees sound.

Apart from the quickly-paced Castiatic Tackle, the rest of the album, which consists of 4 uninspired songs, isn't terribly ambitious or eventful, and the album kind of trails off near the end.

Warm Slime is decent, but it doesn't retain the same melodic brilliance of Help or The Master's Bedroom. Instead it relies more on the get-up-and-rock-out feel that Thee Oh Sees are famous for, which isn't much without some notable melodies. Maybe they'll spend a little more time with their next album.


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