October 24, 2010

Eleven Tigers - Clouds are Mountains

Clouds Are Mountains is, to be polite, a bunch of boring arrangements of percussion noise made on one of those Casio keyboards you smash your hands on when you're a little kid. Which is funny, because normally when some Lithuanian former-dubstep producer's comeback album ends up on my iPod, it's pretty decent*. Too bad that's not the case with Clouds Are Mountains, which is, quite frankly, a waste of time. It's a medley of nowhere-going beats and synthy arrangements that just fail to deliver on any plane. There's nothing quite as boring as hearing every sixteenth note banged out on an electric snare drum for minutes on end. When the least annoying track on an album is called Atomic Turnip, you know something's wrong. Clouds Are Mountains is so boring that you'll excitedly be able to watch paint dry for weeks after listening to it. Hey, at least it's good for something.

*never actually happened


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