October 29, 2010

The Seagreen Incorruptible - Ten Things to Do With Ninety Thousand Sequins

I can't really say I know any bands that sound much like The Seagreen Incorruptible. What we have here is a completely unique blend of electronic mishap, random bursts of dialogue, a fuzzy atmosphere, and song titles that fit their bizarrely schizophrenic and experimental tunes. Most of these songs don't have a main melody or even a main rhythm, but they don't exactly sound like they're improvised. Occasionally, you'll hear a clear beat, but that's rare, and when it happens, it changes pretty quickly.

There are some moments on Ten Thousand Things to Do that make more sense, like the chill opener Make a Dress, Treat Your Senile Mother Well, and my favorite track Build a Castle, which sustains an audible and highly catchy melody for a few minutes before it fizzes out. I also liked the last 3 minutes of Shove Them Up Your Ass a lot.

All in all, Ten Thousand Things to Do may not benefit from its originality and avant-garde style all the time, but it has some brilliant moments. A good deal of this album is a little too weird for me, but if you're into this style of music, you'll love it. I'll give it a 6.5, closing in on a 7.


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