July 8, 2010

Top 50 Beatles Songs

The Beatles were one of the greatest and most influential rock groups of the century. Being a music reviewer, I found it nessesary to have something about them on this website. Below you will find a list of my 50 favorite Beatles songs, somewhat in order. Hope you enjoy!
Also, I have little descriptions for the top 20.

50) Let It Be

49) Sexy Sadie

48) Nowhere Man

47) Getting Better

46) The Fool on the Hill

45) Help!

44) Happiness is a Warm Gun

43) For No One

42) Can't Buy Me Love

41) Martha My Dear

40) I Want You (She's So Heavy)

39) Doctor Robert

38) I Want To Hold Your Hand

37) Blackbird

36) Lovely Rita

35) Tomorrow Never Knows

34) If I Fell

33) You've Got to Hide Your Love Away

32) Carry That Weight

31) Ticket To Ride

30) Savoy Truffle

29) And Your Bird Can Sing

28) Come Together

27) Penny Lane

26) She Loves You

25) Paperback Writer

24) Taxman

23) She Said She Said

22) I Feel Fine

21) Strawberry Fields Forever

20) Helter Skelter
Toughest, most in-your-face Beatles song? Probably. One thing's for sure. This is no Octopus' Garden.

19) Hello, Goodbye
A song about opposites, with a happy melody and a chorus that explodes into 'hela's and 'hello's somehow makes itself to be very, very catchy. Almost too catchy...

18) Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
It might be short, but it's chock full of fresh energy, and it's one heck of an intro.

17) Elanor Rigby
A quickly-paced song about poor Elanor Rigby. With lyrical contributions by the whole band (including Ringo).

16) The End
A series of phenomenal guitar solos, Ringo's only drum solo in the whole history of The Beatles, and the line "And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make" makes for a perfect closing for one of the greatest albums in rock history.

15) Mother Nature's Son
This is the first Beatles song I learned to play on guitar.

14) I'm Only Sleeping
There are a couple songs about John being tired. This song was also the first, or one of the first songs to have backwards music on it. I'm not sure though, so don't quote me on that. And it ended up like that by mistake!

13) A Day In the Life
This song fills you up with so many twisted feelings of confusion, sadness, happiness, but in the end, it proves itself to be more than just a song. It proves that The Beatles had progressed, flipped their style upside down in only a few years time. Not many bands could do that.

12) Rain
12. Rain
Don't be fooled. This is not a sad song. In fact, the lyrics and melody make it a very upbeat tune.

11) While My Guitar Gently Weeps
Why George didn't get more songs like this on Beatles records still stumps me.

10) Yesterday
Toughest, most in-your-face Beatles song? Just kidding. A charming, if short song, with longing lyrics. There isn't anything not to like about Paul's solo composition.

9) Something
A funky slow-moving love song that is arguably the greatest George Harrison song. For me, it's on a par with the one about the crying guitar.

8) Fixing a Hole
I didn't used to like this song a lot until recently. Don't know why...

7) Michelle
The odd-one-out on rubber soul, Michelle instantly has you swaying to paul's smooth vocals, the floaty harmonies, and a steady bass line. This song is perfectly constructed.

6) She's Leaving Home
An underrated Beatles song, She's Leaving Home is easily the most beautifully arranged on Sgt. Peppers, and the only one where the strings weren't arranged by George Martin. It's also one where the Beatles didn't play any instruments.

5) Dear Prudence
Fun Fact: This one was written about Mia Farrows sister, during the Beatles' stay in India. Though it's held together by only a few chords, it progresses beautifully like a snowball down a hill.

4) Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds
Close your eyes, listen to this song, and you're already in a land with Marmalade skies and Marshmallow pies. To break it down: John sings in 3/4 time about a colorful and tasty world, then 3 hits of a bass drum signals a change to 4/4 time, and suddenly "LUCY IN THE SKYYYY WITH DIAMONDS!"

3) With a Little Help From My Friend
Written perfectly by John and Paul specifically for Ringo to sing. Frankly, Ringo always needed a little help from his friends.

2) Across the Universe
Lyrically, one of the best songs John has ever written. And with Phil Spector's Wall of Sound effect, it's truly something to marvel at. This also happens to be the only song on Let It Be that makes sense with the Wall of Sound.

1) Hey Jude
When I thought about my number one favorite Beatles song, there was no doubt in my mind. You can't help but agree with me on this one thing: Paul McCartney is one hell of a songwriter.

Songs that almost made the list:
Think For Yourself
Norwegian Wood
Within You Without You
Octopus' Garden
Twist and Shout
Good Night
I'm So Tired
In My Life
Eight Days A Week

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