July 1, 2010

LCD Soundsystem - This Is Happening

On his third album, James Murphy lays everything that a good electronic album should have out on the table. There's irresistible beats and suspiciously catchy melodies, funny enough lyrics (mainly on Drunk Girls and Pow Pow), harmony, and lots of energy.

Although lengthy songs are what you'd expect from an LCD Soundsystem album, the only way This Is Happening could have been better was if Murphy had cut down the length of a couple songs, specifically Somebody's Calling Me and You Wanted a Hit. But otherwise, everything, including all the little things, fall into place perfectly, like the searing guitar on Drunk Girls and You Wanted a Hit, the bass octaves and dissing lyrics on Pow Pow, the surprise opening on Dance Yrself Clean, the All My Friends-esque piano chords on All I Want etc.

To conclude, this album is a whole smorgasbord of happening beats and happening synthy goodness. I deeply recommend.


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