November 8, 2010

Fang Island - Fang Island

Fang Island are young, loud, and immature. What’s not to like? Jamming out on synthesizers and guitars with thirty-year-old amps, these guys make a lot of noise. Dream of Dreams and Careful Crossers open the album well with surprisingly tight arrangements of vocal harmonies and arpeggio guitar lines. Their sound is tastefully rough around the edges at times, giving a great raw feel, which fits really well with their sound. No steam is lost in the middle of the record with Daisy and The Illinois recorded exclusively to make you want to turn your volume knobs to maximum. Matt and Kim influences can be picked up on Life Coach, another loud tune. The young cymbal smashers and distortion punks are weighed down only by their main asset, rawness. It’s a great album at times, but occasionally, especially on the later tracks, they make you wish that they had listened to the track they just recorded before they threw it on the album.


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