February 10, 2011

Cloud Nothings - Cloud Nothings

First off, I am just going to tell you that this album is amazing and I love it. Okay, now that that is out of the way, we can talk about some of its finer points.Cloud Nothings, or basically nineteen-year-old Dylan Baldi and a couple friends, are a something more than just a great noise pop band.

They are, like they should be, young and loud. They have that fantastic upbeat feeling of Matt and Kim combined with the musical capabilities of a much more experienced group. However, this cleverness isn’t shoved in your face; Cloud Nothings aren’t snotty Ivy preps, but they aren’t bumming gigs in dumpy LA clubs either. They’re just amazing, and their humility makes them that much more fun to listen to. They’re so good that they don’t have to rub it in your face. The high-powered fuzzed-out guitars and raw lyrics fit together perfectly to give Cloud Nothings an amazing sound. Every track makes its own contribution to the album.

However, Cloud Nothings are something more than just a great noise pop band. What sets them apart is more of an intangible attribute. It’s in the middle of Not Important where Baldi's voice crack transitions to perfect harmony in under ten seconds. It’s that comical anger on You’re No Good at Anything that can only make you chuckle. It’s the simple 1:10 seconds of joy that makes up Heartbeat. Whatever it is, Baldi has it. And it’s amazing.


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