February 17, 2011

Yuck - Yuck

Yuck is a London-based band that's slowly been picking up speed within the blogosphere over the past few months. Almost everyone is drawing comparisons to bands like Yo La Tengo and Dinosaur Jr., and it's hard to argue with that. Basically, 'Yuck' embodies everything that I love about 90s indie rock, with layers of pop that are thick, but not too thick.

The melodies may be familiar and a little too forgettable, but the songs are crafted so well that it's hard to complain. Songs like Get Away, The Wall, Holing Out, Operation, and the 7-minute, slow-burning last track Rubber show that Yuck mean no bullshit, while Shook Down, Suicide Police, Suck, Sunday, and Rose Gives A Lily take a step back and explore a more poppy territory.

I can't find any tracks that I particularly dislike here. Even though the songs might not pack a powerful enough punch to satisfy to the fullest, Yuck's nostalgic melodies and youthful-sounding guitar lines have made this one of the most listenable albums of the year so far.

1. Get Away
2. The Wall
3. Shook Down
4. Holing Out
5. Suicide Policeman
6. Georgia
7. Suck
8. Stutter
9. Operation
10. Sunday
11. Rose Gives a Lilly
12. Rubber


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