February 3, 2011

Kyle Bobby Dunn - A Young Person's Guide to Kyle Bobby Dunn

I'll admit, this kind of music has never really been my cup of tea. Call it what you want; ambient, minimalist, drone, most suiting would be a mix of all three.

A Young Person's Guide is brooklyn-based (originally from Canada) composer Kyle Bobby Dunn's fourth LP, and a fine addition to his previous works. The songs here tackle many ideas while flowing effortlessly between each drone. Though some tracks might seem to stretch out for longer than they need, the lines are never blurred between each idea. Most prominent are Butel, The Tributary (For Voices Lost), Promenade, Bonaventure's Finest Hour, and Sets of Four, in which the drones actually cut out and a pleasant piano melody repeats throughout the song.

If you're the kind of person who digs minimalistic music, this album is 90 minutes of drone heaven. I've really never heard ambient music done better, but unfortunately for me, I don't see a future for it in my music library. The album tends to lose me through its ever expanding atmosphere. But again, if this type of music is your thing, definitely check it out.


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  1. Often this music comes with a pompous suggestion that it is just one second of a song expanded to the size of the universe or some such nonesense.


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