November 19, 2010

Best Stand-Up Comics Currentley Performing

5. Sarah Silverman - I know, it is like the whitest thing ever to like Sarah Silverman, but we all have our guilty pleasures. From her racist rants to her penis jokes, I find that her subtle cuteness matched with her terrible thoughts make me chuckle at any time.
4. Bo Burnham - My new discovery of this musical comic have Julian and I completely hooked. He has been publishing his routines on YouTube since he was in high school and got a record deal right after he graduated, making him one of the most talented young rapper-comedians on the comedy scene right now.
3. Aziz Ansari - The young comedic indieness and observational comedy gives him one of the most accurate depictions of this generation. I cannot talk about Aziz without mentioning his player and more confident alter ego Raaaaaaaandy (has to be spelled with 8 A's), who was the best part of last summer's Funny People.
2. Russel Brand - The British wonder-kid comedian has brought his comedy to the U.S. in such films as Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Get Him to the Greek, but when his comedy was showcased on last year's Comedy Central Special that brought out his flamboyant tendencies and child-like humor, it had me doubled over in laughter.
1.Louis C.K. - This underrated indie gem comedian has been close to making it big on multiple comedy specials, his HBO sitcom Lucky Louie, and his newest work of genius, the late night FX show that just ended. His depressing, self hating and angry-at-the-world attitude makes him one of the most unique and hilarious comedian out there right now.


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