November 19, 2010

Easy A

It was about 2:00 in the morning and I had no hope of going to sleep. So, like with most of my problems, I turned to movies. I scanned my favorite illegal sites and found this movie. I IMDB'd it and saw an all-star cast led by Superbad's breakout star, Emma Stone. I started the movie thinking this teen comedy would make me sleepy, but I ended up stifle my laughter from waking my parents. It is about a nobody-teen girl (Stone) who gets caught up in the rumor mill after faking sex with a gay friend and becomes the slut of the school without doing a thing. It's razor sharp dialogue and Stone's spot on delivery made me literally laugh out loud. After seeing Emma Stone host SNL a couple weeks ago, I had high standards for her performance which she surpassed. This is a teen comedy that is the stereotype of a teen comedy while making fun of itself. Its great writing and acting from a young teen star made this movie the new Mean Girls.
My review: A-


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