November 19, 2010


I will attempt to put my feelings about this television show in a review, but I will do it no justice. This British BBC import is about a bunch of slacker British teens in the U.K. who's lives are pretty much centered around partying, drugs and sex and being the kinds of people anyone would kill to party with. But underneath the surface, their true lives and feelings are revealed one episode at a time, each episode centering around one character of the gang. This sounds like every teen angst drama ever, but it leaves all of the competitors in the dust. The writing, directing and of course acting make this show completely mind blowing and powerful that has you fall in love with every character the episode focuses on. I feel terrible not explaining the show enough, but I would have to describe very little of it, or would have to explain every single episode. All I can say is I literally beg you to watch this genius piece of art.
My review: A+
P.S. This is like the best poster ever. Just saying.


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