November 8, 2010

Matt & Kim - Sidewalks

I'll admit, at first I didn't really dig this album, mainly because Sidewalks is much more electronically-based than the two previous Matt & Kim albums. Each song is extremely immaculate and much synthier than their other songs, which makes them hard to get used to. Also, it seemed a bit over-produced. But several listens later, I realised how catchy it really is.

Almost every song has a high replay value, and I think that outweighs any bad mainstream pop vibes that I get from it. There are some songs that put me off a bit, specifically the peppy opener Block After Block, and Good For Great. But other than that, Sidewalks is a fun record that's chock-full of hooks and catchy tunes that shine as bright as the smiles on Matt and Kim's faces when they play live. I think Matt & Kim are headed in a positive direction.

Favorite tracks: Cameras, Where You're Coming From, Northeast, Wires, Ice Melts


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