November 20, 2010

The Town

This is Ben Affleck's second try at directing since 2007's great "Gone Baby Gone" and his first starring role in years. He stars with Jeremy Renner and an all star cast as a bank robber who takes a bank manager hostage and falls in love with her. When I saw the trailer, I thought this was just another attempt to make the next "The Departed", but I was very wrong. It was beautifully written by Affleck, who gets the dialogue of his home town of South Boston that literally hundreds have tried to perfect. The acting is just as mind-blowing as I expected, with great performances by Affleck, Renner, Jon Haam, and a surprising brilliant performance by Gossip Girls' Blake Lively as an oxy-dealing single mother who is always tossed aside by Affleck's character. The plot is a little slow at times, but these great preformance, screenwriting and directing by Ben Affleck makes me feel like he has a comeback in store and I will be first in line to see his next film.
My review: A-


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