June 22, 2010

2012: Im Scared

2012: I'm Scared
I just went to see the new James Bond (see Quantum of Solace review). I was with a couple of friends and we were looking forward to some hard-core action. We had oddles of junk food and we had just seen the preview for that Will Smith movie that had to do with some unit of measurement, when a preview starts with a monk ringing a bell. I don't mean Tony Shalhoub, I mean the ones you see on Anderson Cooper specials. He's just ringing away when a gynormus wave comes towards his little hut.He just gets washed away and the screen says, "Would the government tell the world when the apocalypse was coming? They wouldn't." I have heard a lot of junk about the world ending in 2012, but can it be true? I mean seriously. There have been a bunch of people who say that the Earth is going to line up with a black hole on December 22 and we'll be knocked out of our orbit and we'll all die in 7 minutes. There I said it. Let's hope this won't happen and if it does, we will at least all die knowing the Twinkees are safe.
The link to the trailer is below this sentence.

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