June 22, 2010

Role Models

Role Models
I have many favorite actors in the current cinema. One of them is Paul Rudd. Role Models is the story of two washed up dudes working for an energy drink company (Rudd and Sean William Scott). When having a bad day, they lose there job and have the choice between jail or Sturdy Wings. Sturdy Wings is a mentoring program and are stuck with 2 dyfuncionhal kids to work out. I bet you guys know what happens. They learn a lesson. It was written by Rudd, but it was a total miss. They tried really hard to make the guys look like total bad asses but it ends up being super awkward. There were some good supporting roles (Elizabeth Banks and Jane Lynch), but overall it was just a big disappointment on Paul Rudd's part. It had its points of funniness and the script was crap. A classic example of a swing and a miss. My review: C

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