June 22, 2010

Matt and Kim - Grand

Matt and Kim's second album, Grand, can be described using one word - grand! Get it? Hurhurhur. But smeriously, let's get down to business on this one. Matt and Kim released their self-titled debut album in 2006. For the next couple years, the only people that really knew about them were a few select high school emos and some folks on Myspace. Their new album is a vast improvement over the silly, unprofessional style of their first album. In Grand, the first thing you might notice is just how much they've improved since '06. All the unorganized crunchiness is gone, and every track is much smoother. As always, they make a great duo and the drums and keyboard compliment each other much more than in any other band I've heard. Such a simple combination makes for brilliant, fulfilling songs such as Lessons Learned and Daylight. Matt has really outdone himself with the vocals this time around. No more "I'm in a cool indie band and I don't care if you think I sing like poo because it's art" bullshit. Don't get me wrong, he sang fine in the first album but this time his vocal talent is really captured and it's a thousand and one times better than before. To get the gist of what I'm saying here, try listening to 5k and then Good Ol' Fashion Nightmare, you'll see a big difference. Not to mention that Kim does some really awesome backup vocals in Lessons Learned, which is pleasantly surprising because she seems like the kind of girl who would just scream like, everything, Think about it. If you're really thinking of getting in to this album, then I'd strongly recommend listening to their debut album first, and also be prepared for naked people if you're one of those dudes who likes watching the music videos on youtube or whatever. Matt and Kim are definitely getting better and a lot more professional, so if anyone was turned off by the silly immaturity before, than pick this album up on the way home from the milk shop or shoe store or whatev and you won't be disappointed.

-Charlie Bratches

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