June 22, 2010

The Morning Benders - Big Echo

Big Echo pretty much sums itself up right there in the title. It makes a bold entrance with the almost overpowering awesomeness of Excuses, and ends with a loud bang, leaving all the tunes you just heard swirling around in your head. Even tunes from the quiet side of the album, like Wet Cement, Mason Jar, or the softly-sung Pleasure Sighs, which sounds a lot like a Deerhunter song. I can also tell you that the sonic, yet uplifting tone of All Day Daylight will be on repeat on your iPod.

One important thing to add, Chris Taylor (bassist for Grizzly Bear) produced the album, and some of the songs really show his influence, like the starts and stop sounds of Promises, or Hand Me Downs. I'd say that he definitely was a huge contributing factor for how astounding this record is.

I think you can see that a lot of songs are mentioned above. Meaning that almost every song is really good. It almost seems like Big Echo is The Morning Bender's first album, or like Talking Through Tin Cans was their pick-up note.
Anyway, definitely give it a listen.


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