June 22, 2010

Rachel getting Married

It was a Saturday night and I wanted to watch an optimistic movie. I picked this movie. I was so wrong. Rachael Getting Married is the story of a misunderstood drug addict, Kym (Anne Hathaway). She is released from rehab for one weekend to go home for her sisters wedding. She pretty much has to go back to all of the problems she left behind. The direction is astoundingly filmed from a crappy hand camera, which makes this film so much more candid. But, the highlight is by far Anne Hathaway’s Oscar nominated performance. The character is by far one of the most messed up I have ever seen in film. From doing every single drug imaginable, to having an eating disorder and responsible for her family’s worst tragedies, this top notch actress has come a long way since The Princess Diaries. I expect to a lot from this great actress.
My review: A

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