June 22, 2010

Hot Panda - Volcano... Bloody Volcano

Now, I didn't really listen to this whole album, because I can't find anywhere where I can, so this is a pretty half-baked review (6 out of 12 songs). Maybe I'll buy the album eventually and then I might change the review. So anyway, Volcano... Bloody Volcano kicks off with a catchy tune called Cold Hands/Chapped Lips, which has basically the same idea as DeVotchKa's How It Ends. But it's all cool, cuz with Hot Panda's magical indie power, they can totally transform it to make it wacky and awesome. The melody, I mean. The singer's voice also makes it kind of dorky and quirky, but in a good way, like the singer of Weezer back in the 90s. Now, a song like Whale Headed Girl really brings to light the singers dorkyness along with a totally out-of-whack following. But it's kind of a hit or miss, because at first it seems really annoying, like a chubby kid poking you and saying "hey...hey...hey...hey...hey", but I guess that's what some people go for. However, the mood is quickly changed to a more soft-around-the-edges, "bearable" tune. Bullhorn Romance keeps the nerdy gratification, and as a plus, rocks out on the kazoo, believe it or not. When is the last time you heard one of those? That's what I thought. At least, I think it's a kazoo. Bullhorn Romance also sustains a kind of Harry Potter video game sound at the beginning. Might as well slap a pair of braces and a pocket protector on that. Maybe a Stephen Hawkings book and socks that say "my socks" on it as well. But Gold Star Swimmer is a little more fun to rock to, and more slick (un-geekified). Chinatown Bus, too. It's Worth 8 Dollars is really one of those "fun-in-the-sun" tracks, filled with electric guitars and yes, cowbell. Gotta have more cowbell.

Well, that pretty much sums it up. No gaps or holes in this record. 8 out of 10 stars. If you have the desire, fill your ears with the delightful sounds of Cold Hands/Chapped Lips and It's Worth 8 Dollars below.


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