June 22, 2010

Dan Deacon - Bromst

Some facts about Dan Deacon and Bromst:

-On the inside of the Bromst digipak (the best kind of cd), there is a little cardboard sheet that says 'Bromstent' with instructions on how to build it (folds and flaps etc.)

-I've never been to a Dan Deacon concert, but I have a feeling they're filled with seisure-endusing strobe lights, lots of jumping up and down, moshing, sweating, and confetti. Oh, and Dan Deacon. I actually heard that when performing live, Dan is at level with the hectic audience, and he jogs around with his little electro-pop synth machine, slappin' 5's. Hence, I would love to go to one of these joyous concerts.

-Has a tour bus that runs on vegetable oil.

-Was classmates with Regina Spektor.

-According to Wikipedia, he used something called a player piano to record. The piano had to be re-wired so that each line was tracked individually, so the piano could keep up with what Deacon composed, which is said to be impossibly fast to play on one piano.

-Has actually had a spinal injury due to jumping up and down so much at one of those those spectacular concerts I mentioned earlier.

-Because of its chanty-synth vocals, quickly-paced melodies, heavy drumbeats, and overall dissonant-but-satisfying electronic feel that makes you want to get up and jump through the ceiling, Bromst is one of the best albums of 2009.


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