June 22, 2010

Portugal. The Man - American Ghetto

Six months after The Satanic Satanist, which quickly became one of my favorite albums in a long time, Portugal. (pause) The Man released American Ghetto.

Since they are a band that changes album to album as much as they do, I was nervous that their follow-up to The Satanic Satanist would have no remnants of the awesomeness that was that album. I was worried until seconds after I put it in my stereo.

Portugal. The Man are back, with a different sound, but not completely different. They seem have done everything right on American Ghetto. They have taken The Satanic Satanist and built on top of it.

I would like to think of The Satanic Satanist as a traditional 16x16 Lego plate. For American Ghetto, Portugal. The Man built a couple buildings and cars and put some little figures on the plate. You can still see the 16x16 plate that supports everything, but there is all this cool and interesting new stuff on top of it.

Don't get me wrong, all of the buildings are totally weird looking, and all the little guys have some creepy look on their face, but that is sort of expected coming from these guys.



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