June 22, 2010

Yes Man

Yes Man
Jim Carrey stars in this hilarious film about a man named Carl who is living a normal and dreary life as a banker who always says no. But, when he enters a program where he always has to say yes, his life is completely turned around. He takes flying lessons, learns Korean and falls in love with a crazy punk rocker (Zooey Deschanel).
When I saw this in a hotel room before it came out on dvd, I thought it really was the exactly the same as Liar Liar in the late '90's. But, when I saw this movie, I could not stop laughing. Jim Carrey was really funny with his silly voice changes and facial expressions, but it was undeniable that Zooey Deschanel stole the show. She sings the most ridiculous songs I have ever heard, like such lines as "you can't call me past eleven for a booty call, but maybe we can talk at 10:59" She will make you feel like you want to be her best friend or her boyfriend or just plain hang out with her. Bradley Cooper also co-stars as Jim Carrey's little friend, but he is pretty much there just to fill up space and look pretty. I thought it was an awesome movie and kept me entertained and laughing. My review: B
The link to the trailer is below this sentence.

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