June 22, 2010

Say Hi - Oohs And Ahs

Well, another Say Hi album (formerly known as Say Hi To Your Mom) with really cool cover art. I must say, a few of the songs on this album are really catchy, like Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh and One Two...One. I actually came up with a dance move for the song Dramatic Irony. That's how catchy it is. A song like Elouise is easy to get stuck in your head too. Until you hate it so much you never want to listen to it again. But I hope that doesn't happen. I will admit, Maurine is kind of cheesy, but at the chorus, he wails "Maurine!" so perfectly and elegantly, it makes you forget about the cheese. The lyrics aren't too shabby, such as "Now if Henry doesn't stop well then that Hallie's gonna pop." Or was it "if Hallie doesn't stop"? Anyway, this album was overall, a somewhat successful attempt from the Seattle, indie-pop, one-man band. The one thing I really criticize on is that the tunes could be a little more creative. Some of them are just kind of corny and obvious, like you know what's around the corner. I like when i'm listening to an album and i have no idea what's coming next. To come to a conclusion, it may not be as top-notch as Impeccable Blahs (the 2006 album), but it's worth a listen, I guess. If only he hadn't changed the name from Say Hi To Your Mom to just plain, boring Say Hi. That's what gave it its cool indie cred!


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