June 22, 2010


Being a relativly new Lost fan, I have almost always been the one defending Lost and it's loose plot lines. But, this season I can safely say is by far the most confusing in the show's run (and Lost is known for if you miss a single episode, you have no idea in hell what is going on.) With season four's shocking conclusion where it looks as if seven of the original plane crashers will be saved by the helicopter, there is too much wieght (thanks a bunch Hurley) bad boy Sawyer risks his life by throwing himself out of the helicopter so his love Kate can be saved. As the Oceanic Six (the six survivors) look out to see the island, there is a bright flash and the island disappers only to leave behind three little ripples in the water. Now, there is about a ninety percent chance that you have no idea what I'm rambling on about and thinks there is no friggen way it can get any more head scratching. Think again, my fickeled friend. I will not go into great detail about the more complicated plot lines, but I can assure you that there is plenty of time travelling, ominous nose bleeds and indentiy crises induced suicide. I still stand by the fact that even though Lost is one of the most complicated shows currently on television, but it it also makes you think about what you are watching than any other show. I think it is smart, action packed and also a whole lot of drama. To the cast and crew of Lost: do not change a thing and keep up the good work. My review: A

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