June 22, 2010

Dinosaur Jr. - Farm

After buying this album, I excitedly put it in my stereo. After 25 minutes, I really excitedly took it out. Dinosaur Jr. have that kind of garage band sound that every garage band wants. Low, gravely singing, sick guitar riffs. But on the other side, they only use about ONE amp setting the entire album.

Anyways, Pieces. The first song. It's really good, probably the best on the album. It has a really cool sound, and has some really cool guitar, as well. I was so pumped for this album after playing it. Who cares that it's 4:32 seconds long, right? Now for I Want You To Know That This Song Sucks, the next song. Just kidding, the actual name is just I Want You To Know, but hey, doesn't that riff in the middle sound similar to the first one. Whatever, right? It's still kind of cool sounding (all 4:30 of it). Then 4:20 seconds of ~, to be polite, actually more like muh muh muh muh muh muhhh listen, I dare you.
Anyways, okay, so you're still kind of liking the album, I mean it's interesting, if anything, kind of different sounding. And then the fourth song starts, and you're like, hey! This is new and exciting, and then you get to minute 4:45 and you start going hrmmmm, this is a little old. And then 5:30 rolls buy, and you're like, sheesh, what's going on here? And Then you're at 6:15 and you're like WHAT THE F---????? And then at 6:30 you're like forcing yourself to sit through it, cuz you don't want to be that guy who wusses out. Finally, at 6:42, the end, you pause the CD, gasp for breath, and head downstairs to the fridge to get refreshments and stock up for the next ten minute epic. But then you're sitting there only halfway through your two liter mountain dew when the song ends! Holy cow, Your Weather was only 3 minutes. Finally, three songs later, you get that déja vu feeling. Haven't I heard this before. And I have the answer: Yes! You have! It's like the really-ridiculously-close to Plans, the fourth song. And then you get to See You, song # 10 (on your fifth or six kit kat bar by now) and it's like Friends all over again. All 5:48 of it! See You (later) Dinosaur Jr.
Note: This is the single longest 12 song album I own, coming to more than an hour.

Yeah, so to conclude, Farm is a great CD if you're doing something like cleaning. With a loud vacuum. So you don't have to really hear it. Sorry Dino Jr. Better luck next time.

Four and a half out of ten for the band with the cover art of the century, I should mention.


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