June 22, 2010

Death of Scrubs

The Death of Scrubs
I am almost positive you have all heard of the quirky doctor show, Scrubs. I was an avid watcher in the earlier seasons. But, now in 2009, these are the reasons why scrubs is dead to me.

1. The show was great for silly puns and sometimes serious situations. But, as the show progressed, the line was blurred. They could make a black guy joke one second and then a minute later, talk about telling your best friends that his son has autism and then play a few mellow guitar chords. Not cool.

2. The relationship between the two main doctors, JD and Elliot, was on and off more than Ross and Rachel. I remember missing an episode or two to find that one had broken another one's heart and they were mad at each other. No shit. Big surprise.

3. People hating JD; the janitor and Dr. Cox still hate JD after five seasons of teasing and name calling. Even when JD finds signs of the janitors possible prostate cancer and helps Dr. Cox out of depression and still beat up on him. I mean really.

After two failed series finales, NBC noticed the show was sinking. When Scrubs begged for another season, NBC execs drew the line. The show ended, but, Scrubs stomped their little feet and begged for more. ABC, heard their cries and snapped up their contract. The ratings for the show has really gone down and the story line has been dreary. I hope the show goes cancelled by the end of the season. It could have gone down nicely and calmly, but that would be too easy.

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