June 22, 2010

American Teen

American Teen
I am not the fan of the documentary movie. To be honest, before this movie, I had never seen another documentary other than "March of the Penguins." Take it from me, I did not want to repeat the experience. To put it simply, the film "American Teenager" completely changed my opinion. This film can be described by nothing other than a complete conquest. The story of five ordinary teens living in Indiana, who turn out to not be so ordinary. I usually would give you a nice three sentence paragraph about the main idea of the movie, but i can't. This movie can not at all be summarized into three sentences. It's all or nothing. So all I can say is this movie is teetering on the edge of an awesome movie and a great movement in film, but it does not go all the way over. It like got stuck on a tree branch as it was about to hit the bottom. But, please don't let that stop you from watching it. My review: A

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