June 22, 2010


Although still in theaters, my aunt is a voter for the Academy Awards and I saw the movie before it was out on dvd. As the Oscar Nominees were realized, that in all of the acting categories were stolen by the cast of Doubt. With no doubt, I can say I was not surprised in the least. Based on the pulitzer prize winning play by John Patrick Shanley, Meryl Streep and Amy Adams star as two nuns who accuse Phillip Seymour Hoffman's Father Flynn of the molestation of a young student at there Catholic private school. Meryl Streep's character never really has any proof of the crime that he supposedly committed, she ruthlessly threatens to destroy his career. Amy Adams, Phillip Hoffman and Meryl Streep all give astounding performances, but the film was completely stolen by little known actress Viola Davis. Playing the mother of the abused boy, she only has a ten minute scene with Meryl Streep, but was by far the best job in the entire film. At times, Doubt can be a little slow, but the astounding acting cancels a lot of that out. My review: B+
The link to the trailer is below this sentence.

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