June 22, 2010

Psapp - The Camel's Back

I was actually pretty surprised at what Psapp had to offer here. My original thought was that it was going to be the average, kinda laid-back indie folk album that says it's indie rock but it's not, but this is more lively! Sort-of. Let's start from the beginning. The first track brings to mind, possibly, the type of music that fish would play when you're not at home. Part like waves, the next song, feels a bit like sailing. And the other people on the boat are dancing. Next comes The Camel's Back, the 'cute' track. The "sweetheart" of the record. Nothing wrong with it. You have to take a rest from dancing sometime, right? The Monster Song, filled with little furry cute monsters, is again just a slow-rider, with familiarity to, maybe, Feist. Especially with the lead singer's voice. Somewhere There Is a Record of Our Actions is electronic for the light-hearted. I can safely say it's "nice". I hate using that word, however it wraps it up pretty well. But the next song can't be all that bad, can it? Unfortunately, I have some bad news. Marshrat may have an exuberant start and quite the clutter of sounds, but if you've heard the first 20 seconds, you've basically heard the whole thing. But let's put that behind us. Next song. Fix It. Ok, this is actually pretty catchy, differs throughout, and has decent lyrics. Good! Just needs a little 'fixing'. Moving on to Mister Ant. Definitely skippable. Won't go into too much detail (because there isn't any detail to go into). Now, Screws is kind of the odd-one-out here. Just piano, some strings, and vocals is all it takes to get anyone interested again. Last but not least (sort of), comes Parker. More adventurous? A little. Stimulating? A little. Overall? Blah.
That's it for this Psapp review. Hope you were well-informed.


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