June 22, 2010

Important things With Demitri Martin

Important Things with Demetri Martin
I have been a fan of Demetri Martin ever since his Comedy Central special "Person". He was originally a correspondent on "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" and got his own half hour special and then a full hour special. Now, he has his own half hour series before the "Daily Show" on Wednesdays. At first, the jokes seem completely random, but every show has a different main subject such as "Power" and "Brains". His show is a perfect mix of stand up comedy and sketches with a live studio audience. He has been linked to Will Ferrel and his comedy troupe and is rumored to have written a movie script that was read and loved by Steven Spielberg. He frequently incorporates his piano, harmonica and guitar music into his jokes that gives him his unique sound and style that has not been heard since the original comedy masters and mentors such as Jon Stewart, Steve Martin and George Carlin. I can safely say I will not be missing an episode any time soon. My Review: A

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