June 22, 2010

High School Musical 3

High School Musical 3
Go ahead. Lay it on me. I saw High School Musical 3. shoot me. I really will not waste my time going into great detail about it, so here goes: IT WAS A PIECE OF HORSE CRAP! The acting was worse than Bratz :Rock Princesses. I really could care less when people talk to me and say "no Zac Efron is actually funny!" No, he is not. I could care less if he was on SNL once and was just bad. His voice is okay, but he still is completely worthless to society and soul belongs to Walt Disney's frozen body. I would like to ask any of the Disney executives to go to any high school in Americas and find one where the most sexual thing they have ever done was a quick peck and the worst word they ever said was "heck". The sidekicks turn out to be perfect for each other. No way. this movie and all its actors are the most uncreative things ever in theaters. I think I have beaten up this movie pretty bad, but there is no way I will spend my time putting it into words.
My review= F


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