June 22, 2010

Iron Man

Iron Man
As mostly a fan of DC comics, I knew little about the life and times of Iron Man. But, the story of Tony Stark is one story not to be ignored. Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) is a master weapon designer,a billionaire, a prodigy and complete player. But, after an unfortunate road side bombing in Afghanistan, Tony is forced by terrorists to build the ultimate missile. Instead, with the help of a enslaved German scientist, he builds a suit out of solid iron that he uses to escape the clutches of the terrorists. When he returns to the US, he returns with a new outlook on life that surprises his partner (Jeff Bridges or the dude), his protege(Terrance Howard) and mostly the person who knows him best, Pepper(Gwyneth Paltrow) his assistant. With all of his gadgets, Tony Builds the new suit, which is better in every way the old one, which might not be high tech enough to defeat the villain that could bring him down? Watch the movie to find out. The action was great, but the star studded cast seemed to be almost all put in the wrong roles that made them look desperate for any job. Robert Downey Jr. was okay, but the biggest disappointment of film was by far Gwyneth. Her acting as good as it could be, but she was in a total Mary Jane, someone save me role. I thought it was an awesome superhero movie, but pretty bad acting wise. My review: B
The link to the trailer is below this sentence.

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