June 22, 2010

The Yupps - Y

Y is a strange album, and I will hold off judging The Yupps until their next LP (which is scheduled to be released later this year). Here’s why.

Y is an 8-track semi-LP filled with short, terribly catchy tracks. Up-beat songs like Love Me Twice and The Girl from the Eastern Country are instant favorites, but even after just one or two listens One More Day and Astronauts won me over.

The Yupps are French, and it is clear that maybe English isn’t their strong point as they joyfully shout on an on about a wrong door on the cheery Not This Door, but that’s a small objection.

However, what makes The Yupps so likable is their sound, which I hope they don’t lose. Their songs are based solely on simple guitar lines and simple drums beats. That’s it. I didn’t realize it at first, but that’s all there is on this record, which is something that will undoubtedly change if these guys are picked up by a big record label.

Maybe I am underestimating The Yupps, but only their next album will expose the truth.

But for the moment, the only thing The Yupps have done is craft a great little album filled with great little songs. However, if you’re looking for deep and intimate lyrics maybe this isn’t your album.


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