June 23, 2010

Flying Lotus - Cosmogramma

Sound-a-like: Bibio

The beginning of Cosmogramma is divided into short eccentric tracks with unavoidable beats, catchy loops, arcade-sounding drones, and mumbled string arrangements that go by so fast you might just miss the subtle incoming of Thom Yorke's appearance on the track ...And the World Laughs With You, unless you're paying close attention. That's what I love about these songs, they blend together so smoothly and fly by so effortlessly, despite sounding so hectic. Guest appearances from musicians such as Thundercat, Laura Darlington, Thom Yorke, and Stephen Ellison's own family members (his brother on the sax, his aunt on the harp), and the fact that each song has its own character really contribute to its diversity.

Unless you've listened to previous Flying Lotus albums, it's unlike anything you've ever heard. Trust me, if your taste in music is bizarre enough, you'll fall in love with Cosmogramma.


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