June 22, 2010

Brightblack Morning Light - Motion to Rejoin

Describing their sound: A funky rhodes organ, slow-moving melodies, and breathy vocals are the bread and butter to these guys. When I listen to Motion to Rejoin, I close my eyes and slowly descend into happy land, where the trees are made of marshmallows, the fields made of cotton-candy, rivers gushing with toffee and acid-fluff. And there's Lucy, in the sky with diamonds! But hey, this ain't no Sgt. Peppers. Brightblack Morning Light are their own band, with their own distinctions, man.

You can't really listen to this in one sitting, unless of course your either high, or in a comfy beanbag chair, or both. Or maybe you could, it all depends. The songs are not all the same, though. They vary enough to keep you hooked.

To wrap it up nicely, listen to Hologram Buffalo, or A Rainbow Aims, or Everybody Daylight to get a thorough idea of what they sound like. If you like it, you should definitely get the entire album. That, or their debut album, which is just as good, dude.


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