June 22, 2010


As a fan of the original book turned graphic novel by Sandman comics writer Neil Gaiman, I couldn't wait to see the new movie. Directed and written by "Nightmare Before Christmas" director Henry Selick. The book is a wonderful story of a misunderstood daughter who stumbles into a tiny door that leads to an alternate dimension where everything seems better. I was so super excited to not only see it in stop action claymation, but to see it in 3-D. The only 3-D movie I'd ever seen was "Spy Kids 3-D" and I most definitely would not like to remember that experience. The night I went to see it, I was super sick and really tired. The movie started fine, but by the first ten or fifteen minutes, I had a sinking feeling that this was nothing like the book. First, there was some random kid who had a weird mask and was never in the original book. Next, Dakota Fanning's pubescent little whiney voice did not at all depict the voice of the curious representation of what youth really means. Finally, the 3-D could have been used so wonderfully that it could have changed the way movies were made, but the 3-D was used almost never throughout the whole movie. To summarize it, the story, in my opinion is one of the best, but, was destroyed by stupid dialogue and dumb choices of voicers. Although, I have to admit that the claymation was astounding and a phenomenal way to depict the once great story. So, if you just plug your ears, it will be a pretty good movie. My Review: C
The link to the trailer is here.


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