June 22, 2010

Black Tambourine - Black Tambourine

Black Tambourine recently reissued their self-titled compilation album, and it appears it's finally getting the attention it deserves. In short, it's a very original mix between The Jesus & Mary Chain, Echobelly, Galaxie 500, and The Cranberries. Meaning it's distorted-to-shit, noisy, poppy, punky, and shoegazy. Essentially the summed-up sounds of the early 90s. It doesn't match the same feeling you might get from the 80s gem Psychocandy, The Jesus & Mary Chain's debut album, but it's still one band not to be ignored...again.

Recommended songs: For Ex-Lovers Only, Black Car, Can't Explain, Throw Aggi Off the Bridge, Drown, By Tomorrow, Dream Baby Dream.


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