June 22, 2010

Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Forgetting Sarah Marshall
This movie has been talked about a lot and I have heard of its hilarity. The movie is all about the break-up between television star Sarah (Kristen Bell) and composer Peter (Jason Segal). Peter is devastated and tries to get over her with the help of his step brother (Bill Hader), but everything around him reminds him of her. To get over her, Peter takes a get away to Hawaii, to find that Sarah is there with her new ridiculous British pop star boyfriend (Russel Brand) The trip seems to be lost but with a little help from some new friends (Paul Rudd, Jack McBayer) and a new girl (Mila Kunis), he starts to get over his girl. The cast in this movie is almost flawless and the movie mixes a perfect brew of vulgar jokes and real life relationships is my ideal movie. The movie is an awesome definition of one mans zany life and the steps he has to take to change it. My review: A
The trailer to this movie is here


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