June 22, 2010

M. Ward - Hold Time

His newest album, Hold Time, is, well, amazing and a little boring at the same time. Let me explain. The songs are catchy and there is a LOT going on. His vocals, however, sound like Coldplay's Yes (off Viva La Vida) on repeat. Now that is good and bad. Catchy, yes. Boring, kind of. However, the album is spiced, if you will with other female singers. Even Zooey makes a few appearances. Lucinda Williams, a raspy country singer, chimes in on a call and response Oh Lonesome Me. However, for me, the real hit of the record, which puts all the amazing guitar, all the good vocals, and none of the droning-on-ness is Never Had Nobody Like You. Simply put, it's half the reason that this record is so amazing. Oh yeah, and Rave On, that's really good, too. Well, so is Fisher of Men, but I think my point has been made. I'd give it a seven out of ten.


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