June 22, 2010

The Outsiders

The Outsiders
I had just read the book be S. E. Hinton and I was not its biggest fan. It was a pretty winey book and constantly tried to relate to the younger generation. But, when I heard the movie master, Francis Ford Coppala, directed the movie, I was pretty excited. I was even more pumped when I learned so many young actors stared such as Matt Dillon, Patrick Swayze and Tom Cruise. The story is Ponyboy Curtis growing up on the streets of Indiana in the 60's(Hard core, huh?) It was supposed to be a ballad of how hard life is when you are an edgy teen in a gang, but ended up being a bunch of okay actors destroying their own reputations. I was luck enough to watch the 40th anniversary edition with extra deleted scenes that help with the story. Super. These kids had some okay emotional scenes included the quoted in Step Brothers (see my review) "stay gold Ponyboy" I really think that this great director did all that he could to pull this piece of crap script out of the ground that did not stray one inch off the road of the script. I believe that to make a great movie adaptation of a book, one must stray a little bit from the plot of the book. I think the script writers were too scared that S. E. Hinton would find them and break their legs if they messed up here book. Please. DO NOT SEE THIS FILM. I dearly apologize, Francis, but it is not your fault. Watch something that will not deteriorate your intelligence. My Review: D


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