June 22, 2010

Thee Oh Sees - Help

Something that caught my eye this summer was the cover of Thee Oh Sees second LP entitled Help. I decided to give it a listen, thus introducing me to the wonderful world of garage/punk rock. Some people, like me, might call it modern Rock 'n Roll. Your grandmother might call it "it's giving me a headache". But thanks to these guys, I now have an obsession with bands like The Intelligence, The Black Lips, and guys like Jay Reatard. But San Francisco-based rockers Thee Oh Sees bring a little more to the table with this one. For example, the echoey reverb on guitar and vocals, the seldom-heard jazz flute on Meat Step Lively, an overall, better-produced sound, and more intricate melodies, making them a notch-up from your average California punk rock band, but making them no different in the ability to bang your head along to Enemy Destruct, or bust out you air-guitar for I Can't Get No. So any fan of fun-loving, raw rock 'n roll spirit, this is a must for the year. Anyone looking for a good party-mix, grab a copy. Buy it for your 6-year-old daughter for Christmas. She'll love it!


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