June 22, 2010

Step Brothers

Step Brothers
I have been looking forward to seeing this movie for a long looonng time. I loved the trio of John C. Riley, Adam McKay and Will Ferrel and all of their hilarious films and online videos. I have to say, I had really high expectations. But, I don't know how I felt about the movie. The story is two parents (Richard Jenkins, Mary Steninberg)get married and move in together with their two failure sons (John C. Riley, Will Ferrel).
At first, they hate each other, but, of course, they become best friends. The movie had some real awesome jokes that included the boys sleep walking and interviewing for jobs. It also included some hilarious cameos that included Seth Rogen and Horatio Sanz. But, I think the cast and crew had a fear. Of the doomed PG-13 rating. To escape this horrible fate, they inserted a bunch of useless vulgarities. Will Ferrel putting his testicles on John C. Riley drums, the f-bomb being dropped every other sentence and bathroom sex with other peoples wives. It might have been okay if it had any context, but you could quite obviously see that they were trying a little too hard. But, it is still not debatable that it was one of the most quotable movies I have seen in a while. "Your voice. It's a mix of Fergie and Jesus!" I would say it is hilarious but, goes too far for no apparent reason.
My review: B-
See the trailer here.

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