June 22, 2010

American Beauty

American Beauty

I have been waiting to see the 1999 Best Picture winner for a while. But, I didn’t take into account IT WAS A COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME. I completely hated this movie. Everyone is like “oh this shows how messed up suburbia is!” Well, it is. It’s all about a bunch of crazy people in a suburb. All I know is it is about beauty. This movie sure as hell isn’t beautiful. It is an all around piece or self-righteous crap. Most of the movie is Kevin Spacey, who is the only okay part of this movie, thinking about having sex with his fifteen-year-old daughter’s best friend. I felt horrible watching a movie all about leading up to a sixteen-year-old girl taking off her shirt. It is pretty much just a bunch of awesome actors wasting their time. In the end Kevin Spacey gets shot in the back of the head and dies, and you find yourself thinking the world is better off without losers like him.
My Review: D-

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