June 22, 2010



Phillip Seymour Hoffman stars in “Capote”, the gritty drama about Truman Capote that earned Hoffman his first Oscar. The film is about the process of Truman Capote writing one of the first non-fiction novels about a gruesome murder in Kansas. As Truman interviews the killer, they begin to develop a relationship and it is only more complicated by the killer being put on death row. I was very surprised seeing the trailer for capote because of; you guessed it, Hoffman’s crazy weird voice. However, as I got into the film, Hoffman depicted the character so beautifully, I didn’t notice the squeaky voice at all. Hoffman delivers one of my favorite performances of all time and completely carries the film past the fact the plot is not that interesting. Also, Catherine Keener plays Capote’s assistant and only makes the film even better.
My Review: A-

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